The girl behind the blog

Hi. My name is CA. Yup. See-Ey. That’s how I usually go by because I think my full name is too generic. I am a leo and an INFP-T. Those two should be enough for people to figure out what kind of a person I am but of course, I will still elaborate.
I am a 21-year-old communication student from Far Eastern University, Manila. My chosen program is broad but I am more on the creatives side more than anything. I enjoy creating and being artsy at most (although I honestly think I suck at it). I like to write more than speaking in front of a crowd. I am terrified of performing in front so you can just imagine the anxiety with all my performing-related courses like drama and speech class.
I love to document my life through words and stills. Like any other millenial, you would often see me on my phone, probably looking for inspiration because it’s my constant struggle these days – to find inspiration to do certain things.
I’ve been blogging since I was 12-years-old. I started out on What started out as a hobby became a passion and a dream. Almost 10 years later and I’m here, still passionate about it. My love for writing never went away and so in here lies my heart, my passion and everything that I value. It’s also my creative outlet. Know that every little detail of my website was carefully thought of.
CLAUDINEANN.NET is her little space in the world wide web wherein she shares a portion of herself, her life and everything in between. Her sole purpose is to document life through blogging so she has something to look back to years from now and perhaps meet and inspire people along the way.

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